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I provide tailored services across all stages of the software development cycle. Choose from customized packages or opt for hourly engagements.

In 2024, I'm focusing on short-term consultations for founding teams of software for impact: social, planetary, etc. Book an introductory call to explore how I might help you work through an early-stage software idea or help make it flexible and scaleable based on research.

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Research & Synthesis

Consulting & Workshops
Defining and shaping product objectives together with the team

UX audit
A holistic analysis of a Product's usability and scalability based on best practices and user needs

Competitor analysis
Competitor product strength, weakness, and strategy analysis

Synthesizing research insights
Conducting new or analyzing past user research materials to inform design

Product Design

Feature & Product Prototypes
Product or feature-level prototypes for development based on user & technical requirements

Product Vision Prototypes
Prototypes that communicate and explore product concepts for commercial and investor validation

Design system
On-brand library of reusable interface components

Human-Centered Information Design
Intuitive and scalable page & navigation structures

Launch & Growth

Landing & info pages
Promoting a product and its features

Development support
Detailed handoffs & close collaboration with developers

Post-launch enhancements
Metrics & feedback based improvements

Maintenance & scaling
As-needed support for maintaining the user experience as your product changes & grows

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